How Healthy is Your Workplace?

How many employers have walked the halls of their organizations and heard the familiar cry, “I’m so stressed out!” or walked into work only to find the familiar red light on their telephone with yet another employee’s message calling in sick?

Stress and stress-related illnesses and injuries are two of the leading causes of absenteeism and accidents at work, and they’re costing workplaces and our health care system billions.

In addition to costing us money, poor health is costing us our quality of life. One study performed by the University of London shows that unresolved stress provokes a greater risk for cancer and heart disease than cigarettes or high cholesterol.


Fortunately there are ways to dismantle the ticking stress bomb in us all and the solutions are at everyone’s disposal. Beauchamp Wellness offers your organization the one true program that will motivate and inspire your employees to succeed at improving their lifestyle and productivity—feeling energized and motivated to go to work and perform at their peak.

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